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There are an alarming number of people driving without a working headlight. Including me. Sign of the apocolypse? I think so…

Posted in Letters to Nobody by dagnydarling on January 12, 2011

This post has nothing to do with the title… but that was an observation that needed to be made, and I utilized some space-saving measures by throwing it in the title.  While driving to my volunteer thing tonight I was alarmed by how many people were as irresponsible and not on tope of their game as me.  I’m wondering if this is affiliated with all those birds dying everywhere.  Maybe.  Irrelevant, yes.  Do I care? no.

I have lots to write about because D makes bad life choices and she said I practiced “ancient” dating techniques, but I’m too lazy.  And I was having an awesome day until I got some news that pissed me off to new levels of fire coming out of my eyeballs so I’m gonna vent real fast about those people that I have to share the earth with that have penises and issues:  Why is it that a man with self-confidence problems is probably far worse than any chick with daddy-issues?  And then WHY do they think that if they pretend like they’re just deep, melancholy people and cool with their miserable existence than nobody will notice how absolutely terrified they are of reality and just manning the hell up?  Newsflash Jor- er, guys: WE KNOW.)

Anyway, I clearly was a little grumpy… Until I came home to a box of cheesecake waiting for me at my apartment.  That travelled all the way across the damned country to get here.  Because some people don’t suck. 

There is no moral to this story, and if there was, it would be that cheesecake has reinforced

Proving that some people, in fact, DON'T suck.

my hope in humanity.

Also, met a guy last night who I gave my email (update: he got my cell number too, but actually asked for my email so he could send me some stuff he’s working on since he’s a writer and either wants to show off or make me uncomfortable) to, making him either the most creative or sneaky mother fucker I’ve ever met on a Monday night in Costa Mesa.  But he was *really* cute, and fucking brilliant so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

*This post kind of ruined my whole promise that I’d write awesome stuff all year.  Hm.  I should not make such serious promises in writing. Now THERE’S a resolution for ya (hint. hint.)*

**I just edited this.. sort of… because evidently last night I forgot how to spell in my cheesecake-eating frenzy.  Still, I bet I missed a few**


The King’s Speech and My Lame Resolution… Not as Important As Epic Wartime Speeches.

Posted in Letters to Nobody by dagnydarling on January 5, 2011

*This was an awful post, written a few days ago and then forgotten about… But I need to put something on this blog that doesn’t reek of 2010 crappiness, so whatever.  I promise to make up for this blogtastrophe with better posts for the entire year.  I hope*

2011 has been a raging success so far.  In the 48 hours since it began, I believe I spent 30 of them drunk.  The other 18 were spent sleeping.  I think.  It’s hard to do math very well when your head feels like mine does right now.

People love to talk about resolutions… and I dread that I’ll have that conversation about 80 times in the next week with people too lazy to come up with something legitimate to talk about.  It doesn’t bode well for those conversations that I actually don’t have a resolution.  I resolve to do nothing except try not to die, which I’ve done every other year (some years with more enthusiasm than others) so I don’t mention it to people.  My roommate has taken me on as a cause and keeps hurling resolutions at me that I didn’t ask for, I’m nervous I’ve become the girl who needs to be saved from herself.  More on that later because that’s deeper than my current brain capacity can handle.  But probably not- I’ll more than likely forget.

Obviously I’d like plenty of things to happen in 2011 and I hope a shit-ton of things DON’T happen in 2011.  I would enjoy being named Princess of the United States (finally), and I would like to lose 8 pounds while eating cheesecake and drinking beer.  I hope I don’t get AIDS or get fat or evicted.  In essence I’m much too lazy to resolve to do anything, or resolve to STOP doing anything else.  Like I said- Big Things in 2011!

I did, however manage to already accomplish something.  I went to the movies…. which, I agree, sounds worthless and like an everyday thing that anyone can do.  But!  I went to the movies alone.  Let that sink in for a second.  On Sunday, I mustered the guts, energy and actual desire to walk my stocky little butt up to the theater all by my lonesome and sit through almost two hours of awesomeness BY MY SELF.  Which makes me officially ready to be a cat-lady.  Or officially independent… depending on how highly I’d like to think of myself, I switch between the two.

It was actually quite enjoyable.  I brought extra socks so I could keep my feet warm (which I normally just suffer through so I don’t look like a fucktard wearing two pairs of socks and flip flops), and nobody bothered me with inane commentary while I sat along the back (I’m not so ready to flaunt my loser-y aloneness just yet).  But on a serious note: it was a step toward shirking the general idea that people are always judging me, and furthermore, shirking whatever judgements they formed about the short girl wandering around without a companion and questionable foot-wear.  Because it’s true what people say: you’re really not as important as you think, and you’d be surprised to know how little people think of you.

Okay, so maybe I just blogged my way into a resolution: stop overestimating myself and keep my toes warm, and let everyone else be damned.  Easily the most ridiculous resolutions I’ve ever heard, let alone written for myself.

PS: go see the King’s Speech.  Promise.